Beauty of Barbados – beaches and rum

Beaches, rum and Rihanna. Most probably the terms that come to your mind when hearing of this island. It invites to drive around and take pictures all along: amazing views of beaches, local rum shops, abbeys and traditional colleges.

One of my most favorite beaches for picture taking is Bathsheba, located on the  Atlantic side. Image

Since the Atlantic side of the island has a strong surf, you can imagine that it is not recommendable to swim here. Make sure you take a photo of this famous beach and of the dramatic east coast.

On your tour around the island, also make sure to look out for those great photo opportunities in form of rum shops and the Barbadian chattel houses. These simple housings made of basic materials are designed for quick assembly and disassembly. They could be easily moved from one location to another within one day! Nowadays the houses remain but the reason these houses were made like this goes back into the plantation days, during which the home owners (slaves)would be able to move from one property to another, since they did not own the land they lived on (and were not allowed to own land). So as soon as the landlord would have a problem with them, they could just move their house to another location.


Now we’ve been talking about rum, right? Mount Gay Rum is said to be the oldest rum in the world. Its first distillery dates back into 1703. You can visit the Mount Gay Rum Factory (definitely worth a visit) and sample their fantastic rums. I loved the bar where you can order cocktails made of the rum and typical food like the flying fish sandwich, a delicacy in Barbados.

IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_0184


Does that look yummy? 😉


Make sure you get that bottle or two of rum. Find the different types and recipes for great cocktails on their homepage:

Now after indulging in rum, food and taking pictures, you might want to get your feet wet, right? After all, you are in the Caribbean! Sun, sand, beaches … let’s go!

My personal favorite is Accra Beach, mostly because of its beautiful white sandy beach. Some people don’t like it because when you enter the water, you have rocks all around which could hurt your feet. It’s up to you … if you’re a tough nut or not.

What do you think …. will it be worth a try?


There are other famous beaches like Crane Beach, Carlisle Bay, and many more. Just have in mind that the calm beaches are located on the West and Southern Side and on the East you have strong waves since the beaches are facing the rough Atlantic.

There is beauty on the surface, there is beauty under the surface … and you can dive down all the way with a submarine! Barbados has a submarine, and it is not yellow .. but mellow! You find the location only a 5 minute drive from the cruise ship dock. In case you are traveling on a cruise ship, know that the company has a contract will all major cruise lines and therefore will not be able to accept direct bookings. If you are on vacation in Barbados, you can check out their webpage or go directly to the location for booking. There is quite some interesting history about these submarines .. for example: Did you know where the FIRST passenger/tourist submarine was based? In the Cayman Islands! And the second one? YES, Barbados! Read more about the Barbados submarine at

It is a nice way to get down to the ground without having to get wet .. or be a diver. If you are not claustrophobic (the inside seems a little small and once you start diving, you hear a little bit of noise) and if you can climb down a ladder inside the submarine, you are good to go! It is an exciting feeling when you notice the vessel starting to sink and you hear the message on the radio “Dive, dive, dive”. What can I say, it is similar to your first take-off in an airplane. Nothing extraordinary or dangerous, but a first experience that you will never forget. My friend from Brazil was all excited and happy, taking pictures and movies on his camera.


We dived until a depth of aprox. 143 feet. That is deeper than a diver can go, if I remember well. You can take your grandmother along and show her the underwater world! Minimum age for kids is 4 years, but they also need to have a certain height, for security reasons.


Diving at a depth of 138 feet.

If you want to see the famous Barbados Green Monkeys, you can do so at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. It is like a small open-air zoo where you can see animals such as the mentioned Green Monkey, parrots, flamingoes, peacocks, reptiles and tortoises. Some of these animals walk around freely within the reserve, like the tortoises, the monkeys (which are also free to leave the reserve), the Brocket Deer and armadillo for example and you will be able to take close-up pictures. The monkeys are more likely to be seen during feeding times.

Tortoises at Wildlife Reserve
Tortoises at Wildlife Reserve
Iguana at Wildlife Reserve
Iguana at Wildlife Reserve
Green Monkey at Wildlife Reserve
Green Monkey at Wildlife Reserve
Feeding time at Wildlife Reserve
Feeding time at Wildlife Reserve

Check out how those guys are walking on top of the tortoises! 🙂


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