Welcome to St. Lucia!

view to the famous PITONS of St. Lucia
view to the famous PITONS of St. Lucia


The first time I heard of this island, I did not know it even existed … I admit! I grew up in Europe, the Caribbean seemed part of a dream that might never come true. Within my reach were the Greek Isles, Spain, Italy and Turkey. The Caribbean is something exotic for Europeans, a long and expensive trip into paradise. So when I started working on cruise ships and suddenly went to all those places, I could hardly believe how many dreams were coming true for me.

St. Lucia, not necessarily an island I would travel to because of the beaches …! In my opinion, it’s beauty is the rainforest. You will find some nice beaches and even amazing resorts, but most of all I would travel to St. Lucia for an active vacation: hiking the famous Pitons, go snorkeling, visit the Volcano, go ziplining etc. Since it is a big island, there is a lot to choose from.

I never managed to go on that helicopter ride which, according to some of my friends who did it, is impressive. Also, I never managed to hike the Pitons (nothing for people who usually don’t hike, very strenuous!), it stays on my to-do-list though, because I was told the view is stunning up there. I did snorkel between the Pitons, which I can warmly recommend. I would even fancy staying at the resort that is located right there, the Sugar Beach Resort (Honeymoon material):  http://www.viceroyhotelsandresorts.com/en/sugarbeach

If you just want to do the snorkeling between the Pitons, you can either take a cab or a boat. Consider that it is at the very South of the island, so if you are traveling on a cruise, the distance is too long to go by yourself. Streets in St. Lucia are very windy and the vehicles not always the newest, so expect breakdowns and traffic.

The snorkel site between the Pitons is one of the nicest shore snorkels I have ever done (and I have done lots, believe me). Beautiful coral, abundant fish and easily accessible from the beach. Watch your stuff though, since it is a public area, there is some not very trustworthy people hanging out there. Make sure you don’t leave your stuff unsupervised.

The snorkel location at the Pitons
The snorkel location at the Pitons

Make sure you try and/or even buy some of that banana ketchup which is made in St. Lucia! You can see banana plantations when traveling through the island.

For some adventure, try the zipline at Rainforest Sky Adventure


Ziplining the rainforest
Ziplining the rainforest

My favorite drink of the island would be the Pitons beer. A light lager beer brewed on the island. The National dish is Green Banana and saltfish.



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