Overgrown Sugar Mills and former Plantation houses in St. Kitts

Mostly referred to as “St. Kitts”, the official name is Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis. A two-island country with the capital located on the bigger St. Kitts in Basseterre. Nevis can be reached by boat only, crossing the channel called “The Narrows”.

In St. Kitts you feel transported back in the times where sugar plantations dominated the every day life on the island. Until today, you see overgrown sugar mills reminding of that time. Former plantation houses have been converted into beautiful hotels like Ottley’s Plantation Inn: http://www.ottleys.com/ or Rawlins Plantation Inn (does not have it’s own website, but you can find it through the major booking websites).

What else St. Kitts has to offer? In the beginning, I thought of this island as “boring”, and it happens to many people who get there for the first time.  Soon I discovered I was wrong: there is rainforest that wants to be explored on a hike, there is a volcano you can hike up to until the top (quite steep and challenging, a 2 hours ascend) to enjoy the amazing views.


are you ready for that? :-)
are you ready for that? 🙂
once at the top, you can see the crater of the volcano
once at the top, you can see the crater of the volcano

Another fun and active thing to do on the island is the rainforest zipline. It has only 4 traverses or so, but they are long and you will have amazing views. http://www.skysafaristkitts.com/

one of the traverses
one of the traverses

Traveling south of the Island, you can spend a great day at the beach. The following picture is one of my most favorite views:

South of the Island
South of the Island / view from Timothy point

I liked beaches like South Friars Bay, Cockleshell Bay and Frigate Bay, in the same order I mentioned them. At South Friars Bay you have a snorkel reef along the beach. Everything very natural, don’t expect too much luxury 😉

South Friars Bay
South Friars Bay

I will add some more info on Brimstone Hill Fortress, which is definitely a must-see in St. Kitts later on. For now, I hope you enjoyed my little introduction to this amazing island.


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